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The Tales of Balmoral; Part One: The Lost Soul (Young Adult Fiction)

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Ismena has lived seventeen years in solace and longs for freedom. When Artos, the prophesier, takes over her education, she believes he is giving her the keys to the freedom she has so desperately sought. He teaches her how to fight and protect herself in the outside world and how to access the dimensions of the mind. Within this energy vortex she can change the course of the future and can also visit her past life. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, Ismena embarks on a journey. She plans an escape that breaks the protective enchantments around her; little does she know how vulnerable she is outside the castle walls. But was that Artos’s plan all along?
Beyond the castle gates, Ismena visits the city of Delenvan. Here she receives insight from the meditators and sets out on the stairway to her past life. She begins her trek with James, the new kitchen boy from the castle, who has undertaken a search to find his missing brother and sister. Together they journey through Ismena’s past life and when danger comes, she is forced to figure out how to use her powers. It becomes a battle between minds as they race from danger, in pursuit of their quest.

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