6 Amazing Fat Burning Moves

These are some tried and true moves i use myself and have shared with my students over the years. The results have always been amazing and transforming. This routine targets troublesome areas, blasts fat, and tones all at the same time. The best way to burn fat; shake it off. Literally shake it off!! If you’re jiggling, it’s working. Each time you come to your mat this jiggle will become less and less! You can add dancing, biking, swimming, yoga or anything else you like to do to complement this routine. These moves are easy on your joints are kinda fun ;).

Note: Diet and lifestyle play a huge roll in weight loss. If you need help with this balancing act visit: http://www.CharlestonNaturalHealth.com

25 Jumping jacks
25 Side hops with a twist
25 cross punches
25 squats (weights optional)
25 Crisscross, forward, and backward hops (jumps optional)

Start here and eventually repeat!!

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