Creating Opportunity


What do you do when you’re out of the job market? When all the job openings you see are so far from your dream job that it leaves you feeling hopeless and thinking that you might as well forget about your passion altogether. I mean, what are you going to do, create a job just by imagining that it’s there for you, ready and waiting? What if I told you that’s absolutely possible, and I know this to be true because it’s exactly what I did?

I had open heart surgery earlier this year and hadn’t even been medically cleared to work when I started applying for jobs. My life had turned upside down. I lost my job, had to move in with family and was financially strapped. In fact, I was broke. The last thing you think I’d do is to go looking for my dream job. But one morning I woke up and decided that I was tired of just dreaming about working in my field. So I got up and started to work on my resume, putting the job I was seeking at the top—my dream job, or jobs, in my case.

Next I went to the store to buy professional resume paper. After cringing at the price I went with a cream-colored cardstock. Next on my list was to select a few nice outfits, and once I had everything together and had targeted the place I wanted to work, I set out to get my job.

I walked into the building, shoulders back, with a pleasant smile on my face. I greeted the receptionist at the front desk and asked if I could speak to her manager. She asked me why and after I gave her my answer she said that I must apply online. I told her I understood that, but instead I would personally like to hand the manager my resume as I knew there was no such position available after searching online (after all, I created it!). It took some coaxing but a few minutes later my resume was in the manager’s hands and my cream-colored cardstock was a hit. I followed this exact procedure at two separate locations for three jobs. The specific three jobs I wanted, where I wanted them. I soon landed interviews for each one and was offered three positions, which I gratefully accepted. Everything wasn’t perfect, I needed more hours, but my foot was in the door! And within just a few short weeks I’d expanded my job description in the company and within a few months I had more hours than I even wanted!

I have been so blessed these past few months and have met some amazing people that have nourished my spirit in so many ways. I want to tell you that your goals, dreams, and aspirations are all attainable—you just have to want them, you have to believe in them and then you can begin to create opportunity. I’m not saying that it’s easy, that it will just fall into your lap. It takes hard work and drive, but it is absolutely possible and well worth your efforts.

 5 Steps to Creating Opportunity in Your Life

  • Believe 100% that there is opportunity waiting for you.
  • Stay on your own unique path to follow your passions and achieve your goals even if it’s out of the ‘norm’ or if the people in your life don’t understand.
  • Believe in yourself and all that you’re capable of achieving.
  • When you’re ready, go for it all-out with confidence.
  • Give people some reason to remember you.

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