Think Green


Here are some ways you can start going green today! Just doing one thing on this list can make all the difference! Please comment with your ideas on how to go green or tell us what you’re currently doing.

  • Buy a bike – use it
  • Buy organic cotton
  • When buying clothes, say no to tissue paper
  • Start a green team at work
  • Don’t boil more than a teacup’s worth
  • Read about carbon credits
  • Appoint an “office lights” monitor
  • Use your legs, not the elevator
  • Stop chasing “the latest”
  • Invigorate your green passion, spend time with nature
  • Start a toy – swap with friends
  • Ease up on meat products
  • Buy items for durability
  • Buy seasonal produce
  • Take bubble wrap back to packaging stores
  • Upgrade your furnace
  • Snip six-pack rings
  • Use low-phosphate detergent
  • Avoid chemical flea collars
  • Unload your car of excess weight
  • Don’t buy veggies in trays
  • Choose and energy-efficient vehicle
  • Fix leaking faucets
  • Wipe spills with reusable towels
  • Install low-flow toilets
  • Make your own cleaning solutions
  • Hold your own “Buy nothing” day
  • Reuse jars and containers
  • Clean windows with old newspapers
  • Build with salvaged wood
  • Share magazines
  • Wrap presents in old calendar pages
  • Make rags from old t-shirts
  • Send e-birthday cards
  • Buy spices in bulk
  • Capture rain water for gardens
  • Return unused sugar packets
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Make note pads from used paper
  • Don’t accept plastic utensils
  • Take a break from the TV
  • Give a donation instead of a present
  • Choose sustainable flooring
  • Offer are schools your “trash”
  • Use a bucket not a hose
  • Learn how to mend your socks
  • Eliminate impulse buying
  • Take extra hangers to dry cleaners
  • Teach kids thriftiness
  • Don’t sign up for mailing lists
  • Slow down – consume less
  • Fertilize with grass clippings
  • Consider using a solar cooker
  • Eat simply, choose whole grains
  • Keep car tires inflated
  • Support local farmers
  • Use both sides of paper
  • Turn heating down 1 degree
  • Return old cell phones
  • Drive smart – plan your trip
  • Wrap water heater in blanket
  • Install low-flow showerheads
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Lights off when you exit a room
  • Use a lunch box, not a paper bag
  • Give cloth diapers a chance
  • Pick up litter and recycle it
  • Take shorter showers
  • Choose Green- E products
  • Buy the largest size practical
  • Tune up your car’s engine
  • Donate used books
  • Seal drafts around windows
  • Leave your car at home for a day
  • Don’t idle car more than 10 sec.
  • Think before you print
  • Look for Energy Star appliances
  • Get an energy audit
  • Donate used computers
  • Use cloth napkins
  • Switch to energy-saving bulbs
  • Hang dry your clothes
  • Make your next outfit vintage
  • Ride the bus
  • Pay your bills online
  • Say no to plastic bags
  • Plant some bamboo
  • Unplug appliances when off
  • Taste test a local wine
  • Say bye to your leaf blower
  • Rediscover your library
  • Switch off your computer
  • Plant a garden
  • Buy rechargeable batteries
  • Start a compost heap
  • Put back unused napkins
  • Bring your own coffee cup
  • Learn to love weeds
  • Read about green weddings
  • Carpool

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